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World-Class Instructors


  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the course and now have an excellent foundation from which to grow."
    Rich K. (Social Media Specialist)
  • “The main benefit that has come out of taking this class has been to realize that life isn’t that much different online or in real life, in that the same tactics that we employ online are the way that we treat our guests in real life, and it really brought that to life taking this course.”
    Robby Baum
  • “The instructors didn’t have a problem with giving you their time and their energy in helping you understand each method and each tactic, and they would work with you on your whole plan. So, I just loved the class!”
    Slena King
  • “After all the instruction was done, we were able to…ask each other what we were working on and find best practices and I thought that was amazing. It taught me to stretch my ideas and to think outside of the box.”
    Veronica Resa
  • "I learned more about using my camera in one class than I have in the past 15 years."
    Jim Schmid
  • I felt it provided the best overall knowledge and training that I needed.”
    Samantha Totten

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